Presentations and other Resources from Faculty Forum 2023

Opening Session:

Leadership Development: Building a Team - Hayden Kelley

Leadership Development - Building a Team 

Breakout Session 1:

Admissions Overview and Program Changes - Lauren Williams

Business Office Practices - Kathryn Thomas

Intranet Location Business Office Forms 

Blackboard Goal Alignment - Dr. Debra Jackson, GVTC

Blackboard Goal Alignment GVTC 

Introduction to OER - Erica Roberson, GVTC

Introduction to OER GVTC 

Blackboard Reports for Faculty - Sherry Heidkamp and Amy Steadham, GVTC

Faculty Reports in Blackboard GVTC 

Effective Student-Teacher Communication: A Social Well-Being Perspective - Dr. John Barner

Breakout Session 2:

Opening the lines of Communication and Comradery among our Programs - Candace Coker and Don Pruitt

Introduction to SoftChalk Cloud Workshop - Dr. Drbra Jackson, GVTC

Using Blackboard Ally to Improve Course Accessibility - Erica Roberson, GVTC

Using Ally to Improve Course Accessibility GVTC 

Blackboard Grade Center Setup - Sherry Heidkamp and Amy Steadham, GVTC

Grade Center Presentation GVTC 

Building library Resources into your Blackboard Courses is as Simple as Adding a Tool Link - Beth Thornton

Recording Videos for an Online Class - Lisa White

Create Recordings Using Collaborate

Curriculum Mapping in Support of Student Learning - Dr. Laurie McDowell

Curriculum Mapping Presentation

Lunch Session:

Athens Technical College Academy - Tia Benn and Fabersha Flynt

Breakout Session 3:

An Overview of Student Support Services - Shelby Maxwell and Anna Jester

Self-Care in High Stress Environments - Betty Watts

Concur Travel Expense - Cheri Carr

Mileage Only Expense Report 

Overnight Stay Expense Report 

State Travel Checklist 

Digital Tools for Student Engagement - Robin Weinrich

Roadmap to Student Success - Dr. Cynthia Teddleton

Roadmap to Student Success 

Supporting the Student Code of Conduct in the Classroom - Lenzy Reid

Breakout Session 4:

Office Design and Organization - Phillip Myer

Mental Health on College Campuses: Supporting Faculty and Staff - Betty Watts

Team Georgia Marketplace (TGM) Training - Cheri Carr

TGM Creating a Shopping Cart 

TGM Cart Status and Delete 

Exploring Virtual Reality Simulations for Your Classroom. TRANSFR VR Product Demonstration - Christina Wolfe

Software to Improve Communication and Increase Security (plus a few tips and tricks) - David Floyd

Jabber, KeePass, ATC things and Tips n Tricks Class 

Open Pedagogy: How to Invite Creative Thought and Social Justice Into the Classroom - Dr. Shamala Gallagher and Beth Thornton