Issue: Course content does not appear in the course.  This issue includes missing text, images, or pages not loading.   Tests, exams, My Grades, and the Grade Center seem to be most affected.


Error: No error is received.  Only the content is missing or the page will not load.


Description:  Students and instructors have reported that images, text, and sometimes whole pages do not appear in Blackboard.


Resolution:  There are a few steps to take to resolve this issue:


  1. Always use a computer, not a mobile device (ie. Cell phone or tablet).
  2. Use Google Chrome (preferred) or Firefox to access Blackboard.
  3. Ensure the most recent browser version is installed.
  4. Clear your browsing history


If you receive the message again after clearing your browsing history, submit a CTL Support Request for assistance.  In the request, mention that you have already cleared your browsing history.