Issue: I can access Blackboard from my laptop computer when on campus, but receive an error when I try from home.  I can access BannerWeb and email from any location.


Error: 403 or other unknown error messages


Description: While using a personal laptop or other device, the user can access Blackboard while on campus, but receives an error when trying from home.  The user usually can access BannerWeb and email from any location.


Resolution: Being able to access Blackboard while on an Athens Technical College Campus but not from home while using the same laptop computer could indicate port 9443 TCP outbound is blocked.  This can occur if the PC is using a Windows at home connection or it may be blocked by the WiFi router.


If you do not know how to check the outgoing ports from your computer, please contact the person or company you use to service your laptop computer for assistance.  To learn if the WiFi router is blocking the outbound port, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


In either case, port 9443 TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) outbound must be allowed to connect to Blackboard from an off-campus location.


Unfortunately, Athens Technical College’s IT and Blackboard Support cannot assist faculty and students with this issue.  The user must contact the home ISP for assistance.