Student Grades on the New Blackboard UBN Landing Page

When students click on grades from the UBN landing page the default is to show “current course” grade information (remember this is controlled by dates – the definition of current). 

If there are courses currently available to them and they have done one or more assessments/gradable items, it will look like this – showing the overall grade and the most recent grades (if any are available).

Clicking anywhere on this card for the course except the pie chart will open up the students my grade view for “original course view”.

Clicking on the pie chart will show course statistics that were not available to the students prior to our UBN upgrade unless the instructor chose to release that information. The two areas compare 1) their grade to the overall course grade average and 2) their time spent in the course compared to average time spent in the course. Students being able to see their time in course is new and seeing their grade history/time in course as compared to the course average is new to them as well.