Here is the link to YuJa support. There are several support options available. Please review the materials provided below, and reach out to YuJa support with any questions.

GVTC has put together a repository of training resources for the YuJa enterprise video platform. Please visit the link below for these resources.

Here are the support links provided by Ryan Ha at YuJa following our Faculty Forum YuJa demonstration:

-Here is the recording from the ATC Faculty Forum, January 4, 2024..

-Here is a guide on how faculty members can upload their videos if they already have them downloaded. Ryan Ha at YuJa recommends this way as you will be able to bulk add in your videos.


-Here is a basic overview of the software recording. Here is a guide on the Browser Capture Studio.


This is an overview of the Usage & Analytics page for the instructors (not covered in the Faculty Forum demo). Keep in mind that some of the options may be hidden away from faculty members (i.e Institution reports). This section also houses the YuJa Gradebook as outlined in the guide. 


-Here is a video of the basic workflow for the entirety of the YuJa Video Platform (Media Library)


-Here is how to manage your media items within the YuJa library.


-Here is a guide on how to use the video editor.


-Here is a guide on how to embed/access the Media Chooser within Blackboard.


-Here is another article in regards to creating a course and group within YuJa.


-Here is an overview of the Media Details (the individual video settings).


-Here is an overview of the quizzes within YuJa (both Video and Playback). Here is a guide on all of the question types for the video quizzes. 


-Here is a guide on how to use the Media Player (this is the advanced console when watching your videos and the area where we included comments).