GVTC has moved all Admin level Blackboard accounts to Okta SSO for logging in. Please follow the steps below to establish your new SSO login credentials and sign into Blackboard in your Admin role.

Blackboard Admin accounts must be accessed every month or the account will be automatically deactivated. 

Logging in for the first time

Important requirement before beginning: Sign out of your ATC Okta SSO, and open either a new private or incognito browser window, or a different internet browser. For example, if you use Chrome for your usual web-oriented work, you can open an incognito window OR you can use Firefox for only your Admin account access. 

You will continue to use your regular Chrome windows for other work, including accessing your Faculty Blackboard account.

1. In your private window or new browser window, go to https://athenstech.blackboard.com/ and click to log in.

2. Enter your "fake email address" as set up by GVTC. This address is bb_youremailaddress@athenstech.eduFor example, my username for Blackboard SSO is bb_arobison@athenstech.edu.

3. Enter the temporary password provided to you by Missy Lockhart in an encrypted email message. It is important that you enter this exactly as sent. Click on the "eye" icon in the text field so you can see the password. For example, make sure it hasn't been auto-corrected so that the first letter is capitalized.

4. Choose a new password, and pay special attention to the password requirements.

5. Set up a security question.


6. Choose a method for two-factor authentication.

7. Enter the code provided by your 2FA method.

8. You may be asked to set up an optional second method for 2FA. You can skip this step by choosing Set Up Later.

9. You will now be logged into Okta SSO using your BB Admin account. You should not need to use 2FA to sign in again unless you are off campus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT the same Okta SSO page that you access using your regular Athens Tech email address and password! 

The only button that works here is the Athens Tech Blackboard button! You will need to return to your regular browser window and sign in to your ATC Okta landing page to access your other ATC web services and platforms.

If you have any questions about this process, please submit a CTL support ticket under the "New" button at the top right of this page.