Preparing for the Integration

Before you proceed with adding the Webex Virtual Classroom tool link in Blackboard, make sure you have access to your Athens Technical College Webex account. Please go to:

and sign in using your ATC email address and password. If you cannot sign in, or if you get a message saying your account is not authorized, please submit an IT support ticket and request that your account be activated.

How to add the Webex Virtual Classroom tool in Blackboard

From the main course page, select the plus sign icon in the top left corner of the TOC menu

Select the Tool Link option

In the Type menu, scroll down and select Webex

In the Name field, type Virtual Classroom - this is important for consistency from year to year and across all ATC courses.

Select Available to Users to make the tool available in the student TOC menu

Select Submit to save the tool link.

Click and hold at the left edge of the Virtual Classroom menu item to drag it to the correct place in the TOC menu

How to enable the Webex Virtual Classroom tool for first use

From the main course page, select Virtual Classroom from the TOC menu

Webex will open in your browser window

Under Choose your Features, be sure that Virtual Meetings and Office Hours are enabled, then select Apply

Under Choose your Features, be sure that Classroom Collaboration is disabled; we will not be supporting Classroom Collaboration at this time

Under Time Zone, check that the time zone is correct, and adjust if needed (this will usually be correct)

Under Webex Meetings Attendance Grading, please leave this feature disabled. Athens Technical College is not an attendance-based institution.

Under Reminder Bot, you may choose to enable this feature at your discretion.

You can return to Settings at any time if you need to make adjustments.

Under Authorize with LMS, select the button to Authorize

The Authorize button will turn gray and note Authorized

Note: If asked to agree to the integration after selecting Authorize, please agree to the authorization to proceed.

Configure and Begin Using Webex Virtual Classroom

Note: You may be prompted to Sign in with Webex. Do this using your OKTA SSO username and password.

Accept the permissions listed on the next screen.

Note: Be sure you are in the correct course when you set up virtual meetings for your class. Go to the course, then choose Virtual Classroom from the TOC menu to launch Webex.

Scheduling Class Meetings

Note: Be sure you are in the correct course. You will need to add the Webex Virtual Classroom tool link for each course, and work within each course to set up your classroom meetings

At the top of the Webex page, select Virtual Meetings, then select New Meeting

Here, you can schedule virtual classroom settings in Webex for your students to attend. Because you signed in through the course itself, these sessions will be tied to your course.

Name the meeting, choose the date and duration of the meeting. You can choose to set up a recurring meeting instead of creating multiple separate meetings.

If you choose Recurrence, you will see additional setup options

Select Show Advanced Options to view additional choices

Select Create Meeting to save your meeting

On the Meetings page, you can choose between Upcoming, Past Meetings, and Recordings. You will also see the details for each meeting, including Start, Edit, and Delete options. 

Students will have the ability to join the class meeting, and to view recordings from previous meetings.

Scheduling Office Hours

Note: Office Hours are scheduled once for the term; every class will see the same office hours. You do not need so schedule office hours for each course. You can set up your office hours from within any course.

At the top of the Webex page, select Office Hours 

Select the details for your office hours, including days, dates, and times, meeting duration, and buffer time between meetings.

Scroll down to view and select additional details

NOTE: Students will be able to book a meeting with you during the hours you set as available. 

You do not need to sign in and wait for drop-ins; only for the time that a student has scheduled.

You will receive a notification for any time that a student has scheduled so you can sign on for the session.

For help setting up or working with the Webex Virtual Classroom, please submit a CTL Support Ticket.